Our System.

When a taxi driver has been involved in an accident it is imperative that he is placed back on the road as quickly as possible.

From the moment we receive notification of hire we work quickly to establish all the details and take a view on liability. Once we are satisfied it is a 'Non-Fault' accident we will immediately organise the replacement plated vehicle.

As Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd has 1st Tier status within the vehicle hire industry all hires are conducted and monitored in accordance with the Association of British Insurers operating within the scope of the General Term of Agreement between subscribing Insurers and Credit Hire Organisations.

Our aim is to ensure that Taxi Drivers continue to be able to meet their day to day financial needs whilst waiting for their damaged vehicles to be repaired or whilst waiting to be placed back in funds if their vehicle is written off.

Our Fleet.

Our fleet of vehicles is comprised of all the latest models that we have had adapted for private and public hire use. We do not have to rely on outside help to source vehicles, thus guaranteeing that the vehicles meet our high standards when delivered to the client.

We currently provide a nationwide service from our central offices in Manchester, delivering taxi vehicles directly to the clients front door.

All plated licensed vehicles are delivered to clients pre-wired for radio, data systems and meters, they are fully valeted, serviced, tariffed and fully comprehensively insured for hire and reward.

We utilise the following types of vehicles: -
Saloons - Estates - People Carriers - Minibuses - LTI TX4 (London Black Cab) and various Prestige Vehicles for the Chauffeur market.

Drivers Guide.

  • Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers (mobiles only if there is no alternative) insurance company details and registration numbers.
  • Identify the driver of the other vehicle and who the owner of the vehicle is. Who insures the vehicle?
  • Note a description of each vehicle, including year, make, model, colour and damage sustained. This latter point can be very important.
  • Note the exact location of the collision and how it happened - take photos if at all possible by using the camera on your mobile phone and provide a small diagram for your insurers.
  • Do not discuss who was to blame for the accident in the aftermath and certainly make no admissions. This could cause problems when your insurers become involved.
  • Note the names addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  • Inform the police - The police don't attend RTA's where there are no obvious sign of injury but it is still worth reporting every incident. You may have problems with the other driver at a later date, you should always involve the police if insurance details are not forthcoming.


Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd is regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (The FCA) and has been granted permission to carry out insurance mediation services. Our Firm Reference Number is 304893.

Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd is regulated by the Association of British Insurers under the General Terms of Agreement between subscribing credit hire organisations and insurers. Unitown has been accredited with 1st Tier status and all hires are monitored strictly in accordance with the protocol.

Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the service Unitown has provided in respect of its claims management activities, detailed below is a complaints procedure.

What constitutes a complaint?

An expression of dissatisfaction in relation to any of the services Unitown provides constitutes a complaint, whether this be oral or written.

Unitown is committed to providing market-leading levels of customer service and takes any unhappiness of the services provided very seriously.

All complaints, regardless of their nature, will be heard and dealt with in accordance with our complaints procedure.

How can a complaint be submitted?

If you have a complaint about any element of the Unitown service you can contact us by letter, telephone, email, fax or in person at:

Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd
Units 7-8 Varley Business Centre
James Street
M40 8EL
t. 0845 4000 641
f. 0845 4000 642
e. admin@unitownhire.co.uk

Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd is registered in England & Wales, its registered office is Brunswick Square, Union Street, Oldham OL1 1DE under Company Registration Number: 042601161.

Complaints Procedure

At Unitown we endeavour to settle all complaints at the earliest opportunity; aiming for a resolution within 48 hours of receipt.

Initially all investigations will be conducted by a manager, who will follow our internal guidelines aiming to settle within the target timescales.

In the event we are unable resolve your complaint satisfactorily within the 48 hour period we will work within the guidelines of the FSA and its initiative "treating customers fairly."

The process will be as follows:-

  • Within five working days of receiving the complaint we will contact you either by telephone or in writing to acknowledge receipt of your complaint, providing you with the name of the person dealing with the matter for you.
  • We will then investigate the complaint, keeping you regularly updated on the progress we are making.
  • Within two weeks of receipt of the complaint we will either:
    a) Send you a final response which addresses all the issues of the complaint.
    b) Provide a further update on the progress of your complaint.
  • Within four weeks of receiving the complaint we are committed to offering you a final resolution. Where redress of the complaint is required we will provide you with fair compensation for any acts or omissions for which we are responsible and will comply with any offer you accept. However this may not always involve financial compensation.
  • We will regard any complaint closed if we do not receive a reply to our final response within eight weeks.


Utilising our own fleet of very highly maintained vehicles that we have had adapted for Private and Public Hire use, we offer nationwide coverage of the U.K.

All replacement vehicles supplied are already tested and plated by the relevant local authority and are fully comprehensively insured for self drive hire and the carriage of passengers for hire and reward, thus enabling drivers to immediately commence work again in order to continue to meet their day to day financial needs.

With our own fleet of vehicles and our own team of drivers, we can deliver a licenced vehicle anywhere in the U.K. We recognise that each local authority operates independently and has its own code of practice and have set our stall accordingly.

Our office staff and delivery drivers are trained to identify local authority requirements and ensure that all relevant criteria is met. Our Fleet Department is aware of the importance of supplying a vehicle that meets necessary requirements.

We try hard to provide a professional and ethical service with the intention of minimising client disruption.


I have used Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd over the past 5/6 years now following a 'Non-Fault' accident. They have provided me with a replacement private hire car within hours of reporting the claim to them and they have successfully managed the whole claim on my behalf. I would highly recommend Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd to any other driver who finds themselves needing a plated vehicle following an accident.

Mr. T Khan - Huddersfield

Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd has assisited me following a 'Non-Fault' accident in my taxi, they provided me with a plated vehicle within 6 hours of the accident, what a truely first class service.

Mr. M Maqsood - Brighouse

Thank you for providing me with all the help and advice following my accident, excellent service.

Mr. Ben Davies - Manchester

Start to finish everything explained every step of the way, fantastic service. I would recommend & already have recommended to other taxi drivers.

Mr. D Gormley - Prestwich

Very good service, very helpful all claims dealt with in a professional manner. I have to say the best hire and claims service I have ever dealt with.

Mr N Hussain - Walsall

I have used Unitown Hire Solutions Ltd on the 2 occassions I have been involved in a Non Fault accident. They provided me with a replacement hire vehicle, and also arranged for a solicitor to act on my behalf in getting the repairs done to my vehicle and also with my personal injury claim. I wouldn't hesitate to use Unitown again, or recommend them as they offer a 1st class service.

Mr. J Brandthwaite - Bolton

Standard Vehicles.

Following a non-fault accident as well as plated and licensed vehicles Unitown is also able to supply standard vehicles for social and business use.

We have a comprehensive fleet covering both mainstream and prestige vehicles.

Taxi Excess Protection

What is Taxi Excess Protection Insurance?

Taxi Excess Protection Insurance is designed to reimburse you the amount of any policy Excess you have to pay when You make a successful claim under your Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy (vehicles that weigh under 3.5 tonnes and not carrying more than 7 passengers) up to your chosen Maximum Reimbursement Limit.

Conditions Applicable

  • This Excess Insurance Policy will continue to respond for the Period of Insurance or until the Maximum Reimbursement Limit is exhausted; whichever comes first
  • Must weigh under 3.5 tonnes and not carry more than 7 passengers
  • The Insured stated on the Insurance Excess Certificate must match the Insured on the Motor Vehicle Policy

Key Exclusions

  • Claims which are less than the policy excess
  • Claims notified to us more than 31 days after settlement by your Motor Vehicle insurance policy
  • Any vehicle used for haulage
  • Windscreen claims
  • Any incident that occurs during the waiting period

*refer to policy wording for full cover exclusions

Cover Limits

£ 300.00 Excess
£ 500.00 Excess
£ 1,000.00 Excess
Fleet Vehicles

Policy holders can claim as often as they need in any policy year (up to the annual aggregate limit)

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